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Michael is an ex Professional Dancer, a dance teacher and the Managing Director of Professional Dance Experience Ltd. He shows dance school owners, self employed dance teachers and dance centre managers how to attract more students and increase their profits by improving their marketing & online marketing.



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Straightforward, powerful marketing strategies to attract more students into your school...

Take your dance school marketing to the next level...

Join us in 'the best seats in the house' and master your dance school marketing... 

Michael's Marketing Tips...

Free Marketing Ideas, Strategies, Tips and Techniques to help you attract more students and grow your dance school business!

 Your Number One Source of New Students?

    In a recent survey of dance schools businesses, referrals or ‘word of mouth’ was the top source of new students for many dance teachers and dance school owners. There is one problem with ‘word of mouth’ being the top source of new students for your dance school. It’s not predictable and it’s not scaleable. 

Don’t get me wrong, having new students come to you through word of mouth is fantastic - these new customers are free and their friend has already sold them on the idea of joining your dance school after telling them about the brilliant experience that you give to your students.

Plus, if your best customers are out there recommending your dance school to their friends, these friends are likely to have similar values to them and will most likely...   Read more about this Dance School marketing Strategy Here

Nothing beats a LIVE performance, but can video come close?...

    It’s true, nothing quite beats a LIVE performance. Whether you are part of the captivated audience, or up there dancing under the spotlight yourself. Even now, a good few years after stepping down from the stage, I still have vivid dreams at night, remembering past performances like they were yesterday.

I don’t know if it’s like this in your dance school too, but I have always found that the very best way to encourage potential new customers to join your dance classes is to give them a LIVE experience of what you have to offer.

This could be...   Read more about video marketing strategies for your dance school here

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Need more dance students? 2 small words that can change EVERYTHING!

  Do you want to squeeze every penny out of your dance school’s marketing budget? Do you want to ensure that you are attracting the highest possible number of new dance students into your school to grow and expand your dance school business?

  It can be easy to get caught up in the latest marketing trends - wasting hours every week constantly updating your facebook page, or tweeting the latest updates on your dance school’s news...   Read more about this dance studio marketing technique here

The Key Secret to GREAT Dance School Marketing...

  So you have a few marketing methods that you know are working to bring new students into your dance school. What do you do next to make sure you are squeezing the maximum number of new student enquiries out of every penny of your marketing investment?

The secret is Split TestingYou may not have used split testing before, so lets look at an example: Suppose you have been running a small advert in a local weekly paper that is bringing in some new enquiries for you each week. What you do is you...   Read more about improving your dance school marketing with split testing here

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Dance School Marketing Lessons from Downton Abbey...

I recently spent some time hanging out at Highclere Castle (the set of the popular TV drama, ‘Downton Abbey’). I was there with a small group of some of the most successful business owners and marketers on the planet (people travelled from the USA, Canada, Australia and all across the U.K to be there). We took over the castle for the day, with the kind permission of the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon and spent many hours discussing business success and the latest developments in the world of marketing and internet marketing...

Photo: Lisa Bretherick

Photo: Lisa Bretherick

marketing strategies that work for business owners like you.

This is not just theory - all of the resources that we offer are drawn from direct marketing experience, working with thousands of dance students and hundreds of dance schools.

Your privacy is important: we will never share your personal details with anyone.

Recently, Marketing For Dance Schools caught up with Denise Hutton Gosney, Managing Director and Founder of Razzamataz Theatre Schools.

We were discussing her appearance on the popular BBC Television show, Dragon's Den, where she succesfully gained investment from Duncan Bannatyne. Denise also shared some fantastic advice for dance school owners including how staying right up to date with the lastest developments in marketing has been essential in the growth and expansion of her business.

Dance Business Success, Marketing And Life After The BBC's Dragon's Den...


Click here for the full Marketing For Dance Schools interview with Denise Hutton Gosney.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed your marketing videos and today have implemented the use of strong words in a copy I have had to do, gosh it looks better. Advertising has always been a difficult subject for me but from now on you are my mentor!! I look forward to improving our marketing and gaining new pupils. I thank you for your support and inspiration." (Alysia Gilda, Alysia Gilda School of Dance, Lancashire, United Kingdom)

Feedback On Our Free Marketing Videos For Dance School Owners...

"I finally sat down this morning to catch up on the marketing videos that you sent out. Coffee in hand and not sure what to expect, I pressed play and prepared my notebook, and boy am I pleased I did!! I now have 8 new adult dancers starting in our brand new Ballet Balance class next Thursday! I'm over the moon as our Thursdays last year were tough to fill, but if we keep going like this we will be laughing, and dancing!

 Sometimes all you need is someone to remind you to keep on top of things, and to give you a push in the right direction. I'm going to really enjoy learning from you. THANK YOU
(Amelia Bell, Headingley Ballet School, Leeds, United Kingdom)

Kerry Whitfield, Principal, Yorkshire Rose Academy Of Dance, Yorkshire, U.K

Southport Convention Centre, IDTA Annual Congress Venue

IDTA invites Michael Berkin to lecture on Facebook Marketing at 2016 Annual Congress...

Image courtesy of User Rept0n1x at Wikimedia Commons

Michael Berkin has been invited by the International Dance Teachers Association (IDTA) to give a lecture on Facebook Marketing for dance school owners and teachers at the IDTA Annual Congress 2016.

Michael's lecture will take place at the Southport Theatre and Convention Centre on Saturday 2nd July. More details will be announced by the IDTA closer to the date...

Feedback on our Facebook Profits For Dance Schools Marketing Course...

I used Facebook marketing before and although it brought some new visitors to my website it wasn't doing enough for me. I would definitely recommend the course to others. I think you've done an absolutely fantastic job and are empowering many teachers with some great tools. So far I've used the things I've learnt to create one advert for my Zumba gold class which created 10 new leads in the first 2 days! 

Most of us just want to teach and as a teacher new to the business side of things, I've found it really time consuming to do my advertising. Doing this course has made me understand so much more and will make it much quicker and easier when running future campaigns. I look forward to learning more with you on future courses. Thanks Michael! "

Do You Give Up Before 10?...

I have a very useful statistic for you, which could have a big impact on student numbers at your dance school...
It’s been discussed many times over the years in the world of marketing that on average, most people need to receive your marketing message 10 times before they make a decision to buy from you. 10 times! And that’s just the average! We have a number of students in our dance classes and courses who’s...   Read more about this dance school marketing strategy here

Did you know we also offer...

Design and delivery of website landing pages for your online marketing campaigns. Here are some examples of our work: 

Youth Ballet Theatre : An inspring Youth Ballet performance opportunity for students aged 11 - 18.

Summer Ballet Course, Twickenham : An exciting Summer Ballet Course in London for students aged 8-19

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